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Description of Game and Gameplay

TetraBlaster is a mobile arcade game developed by Bencin Studios and published on the Google Play Store. The game was released on January 15, 2022, and has gained attention for its addictive gameplay and retro-inspired visuals. Since its release, TetraBlaster has earned an impressive 4.4 stars rating on the Google Play Store, indicating the widespread popularity and positive reception of the game. The game's compelling gameplay and nostalgic visuals have captivated players, making it a favorite among mobile arcade enthusiasts. This success can be attributed to Bencin Studios' strategic development and launch of the game, which carefully considered the importance of engaging players and generating revenue.

Services Provided

Coding and Development

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Shipping and QA

Development and Launch

Development Process

Core Mechanic: TetraBlaster features a classic arcade gameplay concept where players control a spaceship and navigate through a grid of falling tetrominoes. Players need to blast through the tetrominoes using lasers, strategically clearing lines to avoid collisions and progress to higher levels. The game offers multiple power-ups and upgrades, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

Game Design: The game's design is retro-inspired, with pixel art graphics, vibrant colors, and catchy chiptune music, creating a nostalgic experience for players who enjoy arcade games from the past. The controls are intuitive, allowing players to easily maneuver their spaceship and blast through the tetrominoes with precision, providing a challenging yet enjoyable gameplay experience.

Purple-themed Tetra Blaster Screenshot
grayscale-themed Tetra Blaster Screenshot
Tetra Blaster Screenshot

Marketing strategy for the game's launch

Bencin Studios utilized popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create a buzz among mobile gamers. Gameplay snippets, teaser images, and updates were used to create buzz and engage with potential players.

wood-themed Tetra Blaster Screenshot
Ice-themed Tetra Blaster Screenshot
themed Tetra Blaster Screenshot

User Acquisition and Retention

Community Engagement: TetraBlaster promotes player engagement with its captivating and demanding gameplay. It presents players with an array of levels that become progressively more challenging, motivating them to enhance their abilities and strive for impressive scores. The game's integration of power-ups and upgrades enhances its replayability and inspires players to continue playing and discovering new features.

Retention: The game also includes a leaderboard, allowing players to compete with others and compare their scores. This adds a competitive element and encourages players to replay levels to achieve higher rankings.

Monetization: TetraBlaster follows a freemium model with in-app purchases (IAPs) for virtual currency and power-ups. The game offers optional IAPs that can be used to purchase in-game currency, which can be used to unlock power-ups and upgrades, or continue playing after losing. The IAPs are priced reasonably and are not necessary to progress in the game, allowing players to enjoy the game without feeling forced to make purchases.

The game also includes ads that are non-intrusive and can be skipped after a few seconds, minimizing disruption to the gameplay experience.


TetraBlaster is an addictive and engaging mobile arcade game that has gained popularity for its retro-inspired gameplay and visuals. The game's well-designed levels, targeted marketing strategy, player engagement initiatives, and balanced monetization approach have contributed to its success. Bencin Studios' focus on engaging with players, incorporating feedback, and creating a competitive environment has helped to build a dedicated player community and establish TetraBlaster as a popular choice.

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