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What Our Clients Say About Bencin Studios

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"Very good experience, communicative and responsive. Also they took onboard feedback I gave very well."

Simple Cluster Algorithm

"Very pleased with the work done, it was done timely, and I really felt like my vision was brought to life. Communication was easy and fast. Great work!"

Turn A Children's Book into an Animated Movie Short

"Ben did a HoloLens App for us. his work and the communication were perfect and super fast. He made sure we are happy with all details and change requests and adjustments were done in no time. I can't say enough. other than: I will be back!"

HoloLens Demo

"Extremely responsive and follows requirements."

Converting Access Program to Executable

"I just want to say that I cannot thank you guys enough. Y’all did an absolutely spectacular job and you were great to work with and I can’t sing your praises loud enough. So much so that When it comes time later this year for Sam & I to take the much larger step into finally developing our full card game into a video game app - we are absolutely going to be using you guys - period of end of story."

Jonathan Owen - Steam Battalions Dice Mobile Game

"I've been a client of Bencin Studios for almost 4 years. This company is the ONLY company you need to make your dream games come to life! They go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy with your product as well as realistic standards when it comes to development. Make no mistake, these guys are focused on being the best!"

Paul Ravel

"Bencin Studios created me a game that ran beautifully. Went above and beyond. Always wanted to please. I would hire them again."

Blackjack Game

"If you're looking for a stateside developer, Ben is fantastic. He did a great job coding and debugging for us. Our project was a little vague to start, but he understood what we needed and make it work great. I really liked working with someone local – and choose Ben here – he's excellent."

Row Count

"Bencin Studios did great work for us. Very diligent, professional, fast. Excellent communication, clear about expectations, easy to work with. Solved some unusual technical challenges. Would definitely recommend."

UI Framework

"Extremely helpful. I needed advice on a potential project and the discussion was very informative. Exactly what I was looking for, plus lots of useful advice on topics I hadn't realized I should be asking about too. Hope we will get the chance to work together on an augmented reality project in the future."

HoloLens Consulting

"I honestly can't think of one thing Bencin Studios can improve on. They were the perfect partner in my project from our first messages to the final deliverable. They always responded quickly to my questions and went above and beyond my needs. There is no question I will be using bencinStudios again in the future."

Touch Screen Programming

"Great job on UI and Map, would hire again."

Unity 2D Geolocation

“Excellent attitude, very well versed in their field, and great response time.”

Admin Portal and Game Integration

“We worked together to find a solution that gives an acceptable result for my game prototype. Excellent communication as well and knew what I was asking for.”

Attack Animation and Inverse Kinematics

“It went really well! Kyle was wonderful to work with, knows his stuff, and was very clear about what was going on the entire time. He accommodated all my requests and really did a fantastic job!”

Augmented Reality RV

"Bencin takes obvious pride in their work and was true to their word. They delivered a high quality finished product. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced, creative developer with an ability to problem-solve!"

Jesse Courtier, MD

"Bencin was great in communication, adherence to schedule, and the work is professional. We are very likely to work with them again. Recommended."

Ha Mung Kam

"Bencin Studios did an excellent job. [...] they helped me through [...] with patience and a good attitude. They helped me learn how to learn - which is the most important skill. I would highly recommend Bencin Studios for any job and will be going to back for additional help in the future!"

Austin Doupe

"Great knowledge and experience."

Vincent Serpico

"Always a pleasure to work with Ben and his team!"

Kenneth Miller

"Worked fast to my liking and gave great content!"

Arsema Besera

"This team was very professional and helpful. They did their best to help bring my ideas to fruition. The communication was also something they did very well individually and as a team."

Kujtim Redzepi

"Extremely friendly and responsive. Kyle did great work on an asset for the environment in my game. I'm looking forward to working again with Bencin Studios!"

Dexter Miguel

"Excellent service and customer care. Bencin Studios brought life into our project. I will definitely recommend Bencin Studios. Looking to forward to work them again."‍

Bernard, Bernie Studios

"Bencin Studios was the perfect choice for my project. They went above and beyond at every turn. Whether adjusting to gaps in the work schedule or cramming into the work schedule. Their communication was always timely and informative. Answering questions early or late, the most amateurish to the more advanced with aplomb. They came up with more than their fair share of creative fixes to the problems I came up with. Most of all, they tackled every last-minute idea I could throw at them. Taking each monkey wrench as a chance to show off their ingenuity. Which was stupendous. Can't thank them enough for all the work they did and will definitely be working with them for all updates to this project and any future projects I may have."

Greg, LuxoutStudios

"Bencin did really outstanding work on an augmented application for the Microsoft HoloLens. They worked diligently to troubleshoot a number of complex challenges and was very responsive. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and it is obvious that they take pride in a job well done. I am highly likely to use their services for future projects!"‍

Jesse Courtier, MD, HoloSurg3D

"When I needed a custom extension for various web browsers for providing a specialized UI for my clients, Bencin Studios was able to deliver perfect results. They exceeded my expectations and provided excellent support."‍

Owner, EleviaMedia

"We could not have had a better experience than with what Bencin provided. They tirelessly worked on our ever-evolving project. Project programming/troubleshooting night till 3am with 7am call times that same morning did not diminish their commitment, productivity, or reliability. Not only would I recommend them, but I would definitely be using them for future projects."‍‍

Matt Boylan, Yipkos