35 years of Combined experience in developing high quality video games


Our Mission:  1 Trillion Hours of Player-Entertainment by 2031 Because Creating Games That get Played Feels Good!

Insatiable appetite for learning & improvement

Honest & Transparent communication

Dedicated to honoring commitments

Accountable for the success of the team

Enthusiastic about exchange of ideas & knowledge

Passion for what we do

Meet The Team

A Team of highly professional fun loving people who not only developing games but love playing them too!

Benjamin Howard


Benjamin studied Game & Simulation Programming at Rasmussen College and is a fanatical Scrum Evangelist with an unrelenting drive to push his team to continuously improve. He has a mild fear of Spiders.

Cindy Howard

Finance Manager

Cindy went to college for a BA in Social Services. She spends time balancing books and tending to her flock.

Allie West

Operations Manager

Allie studied Corporate Management at Lipscomb University and spends her days wrangling gamers. She solemnly swears she is up to no good.

Scott Kappos

Technical Solutions Advisor

Scott brings over 10 years experience onboarding and managing software solutions to our team. He also graduated with his degree in 3D game art and is a proficient digital artist. A father of three, he tries his best not to look too frazzled on video calls.

Teresa Strawbridge

Administrative Assistant

Teresa has years of administrative experience and enjoys tackling challenging tasks. The force is strong with this one!

Nihar Potlapally

Team Lead

Nihar has a background in Computer Engineering with a Master's from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He specializes in architecting and building games, APIs and XR applications. He is the reason Allie has to work late.

David Anderson

Team Lead

David has a rich career in Games, Application, Backend, and XR Development. He enjoys playing in professional out-of-shape basketball leagues, drinking mid shelf tequila, and dancing to live beep boop concerts.

Justin Hooker

Product Owner

Justin has a Master’s of Economics from American University. As a true Scrum Evangelist, he drives value for our clients. He enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his family.

Ben Kroft

UI/UX Specialist

Ben is the maestro of user experience and design for the team. His other, and possibly more important, title is Dungeon Master in which he controls the destiny of bards and barbarians.

Jonathan Tyler

UI/UX Specialist

Jonathan studied design at Watkins College of Art and there discovered a love for tabletop and card games. He may have a League of Legends addiction but good luck getting him to admit it.

James Taggart

Game Developer

James studied Game Design and Development at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is hard at work tinkering with whatever he gets his hands on. He enjoys a good cup of tea while he works.

Walter Geisler

Game Developer

Walter is Bencin's premier game backend specialist skilled in Unity, AWS, Networking, and C#. He learned to program doing Minecraft server plugin development for fun.

Prasenjit Das

Full Stack Web Developer

Prasenjit has a passion for technology and over 12 years of experience creating software. He is a talented musician and a home décor enthusiast.

David Spurlock

Game Developer

David studied Software Engineering at the University of West Georgia. He spends his free time teaching game development to kids at CodeWiz, a Game Dev Summer Camp.

Steven Rowland

Game Developer

Steven majored in Computer Science at Wright State University where he studied at the gaming lounge at least as much as in his textbooks. He lives games and would breathe them if it weren't a choking hazard.

Kyle Field

Game Artist

Kyle studied 3D Modeling and Animation at UW-Stout, majoring in both and also chucking in an Art History Minor (show-off). In his spare time, he continues to search for the perfect horror movie.

Matt Green

Game Artist

Matt is someone who has had a passion and drive to create emotional experiences in games for as long as they can remember. They are fueled entirely by coffee and their never ending love for their kitty, Riku.

Ana Arnús Arraut

Game Artist

Ana studied Concept art and Animation 2D/3D at L’Idem Barcelona; her magical pen portraits all that you can imagine. She believes magic is real.

Lizzy Gundlach

Game Artist

Lizzy received a degree in Entertainment Design from UW-Stout and has been living out her dream of becoming a concept artist ever since. She also knows how to Juggle.

Christopher Brewer

Game Artist

While studying Game Design and Animation at UW-Stout, Christopher found a love for bringing characters to life. Always the first to suggest ragdoll physics. He’s allergic to dogs but pets them anyway.

Katherine Martin

Game Artist

While studying Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, Katherine strengthened her passion for concept design and 2D and 3D animation. If she is not at her drawing tablet, she is probably playing a tune on the ukulele or learning something new about the world from a documentary.