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We discover if your idea is fun!

What we do

We help with everything a game's creation may need including design and development, art, animation, gameplay mechanics, and full production!

Game Design by Bencin Studios

Game Design

2D Art & Animation by Bencin Studios

2D Art & Animation

3D Art & Animation by Bencin Studios

3D Art & Animation

Programming by Bencin Studios


UI/UX Design by Bencin Studios

UI/UX Design

Our Games

Tools we Use

Our team uses industry standard tools to produce exceptional results!

Visual Studio
Game Analytics
Substance Painter
Substance Designer

What People Say About Us!

Excellent service and customer care. Bencin Studios brought life into our project. I will definitely recommend Bencin Studios. Looking forward to working with them again.

Bernard, Bernie Studios


Bencin Studios was the perfect choice for my project. They went above and beyond at every turn.  Their communication was always timely and informative. They came up with more than their fair share of creative fixes to the problems I came up with.

Greg, Luxout Studios


Bencin did really outstanding work on an application for the Microsoft HoloLens. They worked diligently to troubleshoot a number of complex challenges and were very responsive. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and it is obvious that they take pride in a job well done.

Jesse Courtier, MD, HoloSurg3D

founder & Ceo

When I needed a custom extension for various web browsers for providing a specialized UI for my clients, Bencin Studios was able to deliver perfect results. They exceeded my expectations and provided excellent support.

Owner, Elevia Media


We could not have had a better experience than with what Bencin provided. They tirelessly worked on our ever-evolving project. Project programming/ troubleshooting nights till 3am with 7am call times that same morning did not diminish their commitment, productivity, or reliability.

Matt Boylan, Yipkos


Bencin Studios' Path to Publishing

Bencin Studio's Sea Horse

Phase 1: Preliminary Game Ideation

Get an understanding of what kind of game you want to make and who to make it for

Phase 2: Strategic Market Research

Define WHO the players are and what they need/want that they are not currently getting from the competition

Define HOW to reach those players - what channels, messaging, and product positioning

Phase 3: Strategic Game Ideation

Armed with info from Phase 2, we now define a hypothesis of what would satisfy the needs/wants of our target players better than the competition

Phase 4: Game Paper-Prototyping

Learn quickly - what aspects of our hypothesis are correct? Which are incorrect?

Phase 5: Vertical Slice Prototyping

Build Mechanics with the highest risk of not being valuable to players first

Test build with players - gather data, observe them as they play, and interview them after

Repeat Until confident we have a vertical slice that players are excited about

Phase 6: Pitch Deck Production

Compile all supporting data into a pitch deck

Phase 7: Pitching Publishers

Push the deck to as many publishers/investors as possible

Hopefully, Sign a publishing deal

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