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We discover if your idea is fun!

What we do

We help with everything a game's creation may need including design and development, art, animation, gameplay mechanics, and full production!

Game Design by Bencin Studios

Game Design

2D Art & Animation by Bencin Studios

2D Art & Animation

3D Art & Animation by Bencin Studios

3D Art & Animation

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UI/UX Design by Bencin Studios

UI/UX Design

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Tools we Use

Our team uses industry standard tools to produce exceptional results!

Visual Studio
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Substance Painter
Substance Designer

What People Say About Us!

Excellent service and customer care. Bencin Studios brought life into our project. I will definitely recommend Bencin Studios. Looking forward to working with them again.

Bernard, Bernie Studios


Bencin Studios was the perfect choice for my project. They went above and beyond at every turn.  Their communication was always timely and informative. They came up with more than their fair share of creative fixes to the problems I came up with.

Greg, Luxout Studios


Bencin did really outstanding work on an application for the Microsoft HoloLens. They worked diligently to troubleshoot a number of complex challenges and were very responsive. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and it is obvious that they take pride in a job well done.

Jesse Courtier, MD, HoloSurg3D

founder & Ceo

When I needed a custom extension for various web browsers for providing a specialized UI for my clients, Bencin Studios was able to deliver perfect results. They exceeded my expectations and provided excellent support.

Owner, Elevia Media


We could not have had a better experience than with what Bencin provided. They tirelessly worked on our ever-evolving project. Project programming/ troubleshooting nights till 3am with 7am call times that same morning did not diminish their commitment, productivity, or reliability.

Matt Boylan, Yipkos



Bencin Studio's Sea Horse

So who are you guys and why should I work with you?

We are a full development game studio based out of Smyrna, Tennessee and most of our staff live here with us. We’re locals who started out small and know how to build up a business. We employ only the best professionals in the industry and you should probably work with us just because we're awesome. But also because, we believe communication is key and our team meets daily to discuss projects. We all work the same 8 hour day and schedule to ensure we can collaborate quickly and efficiently to overcome challenges and get things done!

What Platforms does Bencin Studios release to?

Our experienced development team leverage the universally accepted Unity Game Engine to release high quality games to PC, consoles, mobile, and web marketplaces. We can develop for VR, AR, and XR too! You tell us where you want to see your game and we’ll put it there!

How would I be involved in the development process?

You can be as involved as you want to be! We are a full development game studio with years of experience managing and building games so we can take an idea and see it through all stages of production. If you have a grand vision and want to be involved in partner programming or creative collaboration meetings, we would love to have you there!

What do I need to get a game project started?

That depends on your goals. Do you want to have a marketable and lucrative game? Then you’ll probably want to come to the table with some market research and art direction. Would you like to make an engaging story the driving force behind your game? Then you’ll want to have that fleshed out in a format that suits a game’s story telling structure. Are you trying to build a technical or completely new gameplay element? Then you should have a doc outlining UI/UX. All that said, we’re still happy to help you through it all and start from scratch.

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